What is an wedding coordinator and why do I need one?

Event Planning is basically the act of coordinating a party; seems pretty simple right? However coordinating any event big or small takes a lot of time and a lot of attention to details. It is essential to make sure that you have covered all of your must haves especially when it is a significant event like your wedding. That is when having a wedding coordinator comes in handy, while it's not an essential service it is helpful to those who want to enjoy the event rather than plan for it or manage it while it is going on. A wedding coordinator takes care of all the details needed to carry out your big day and to make sure it runs smoothly. We are also great at providing resources and extra details that make your event unique. 


KAE Consultants is a family run and operated company based out of Westchester, New York. KAE started out with organizing family parties and years later has grown that passion into a professional business. KAE Consultants specializes in designing the look and logistics of your wedding or special event. Our team offers a variety of services to ensure your special day is not only flawless but creative. Our wedding planning services extend from the NY City area and includes Westchester County, Rockland County, Long Island, North New Jersey and Connecticut.

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